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About Us

Physician-Led Network in the North Bay

Meritage Medical Network (MMN) is a network of 700 primary care and specialist physicians working together to provide quality health care for our patients. Meritage covers three counties: Marin, Sonoma, and Napa. We contract with 7 HMOs and with the Centers for Medicare Services for a Medicare Shared Savings Program. All told, Meritage primary care physicians provide medical services to over nearly half a million residents of the North Bay. Meritage has relationships with eight hospitals in its service area (the largest being Marin General in Marin and St. Joseph’s Memorial Hospital in Santa Rosa) as well as urgent care centers and skilled nursing facilities, to provide a continuum and transition of care for its patients.

Benefiting Our Members & Physicians

Meritage has not only overcome market challenges, it has also achieved unusually strong market growth and performance as an Individual Practice Association (IPA) in a marketplace characterized by large health systems and employed models. Meritage’s members employ strong administrative, contracting, information technology and other types of support that enable them to operate successfully as independent physicians while benefiting from the efficiencies and capabilities of sophisticated shared services implemented strategically across the network.

History of Meritage Medical Network

Meritage Medical Network (originally known as Marin IPA) was formed in 1981 to organize the physicians of Marin County, California into an Individual Practice Association (IPA) to accept HMO insurance risk contracts from Bay Pacific Health Plan (BPHP).  For more history, please refer to the timeline graphic on this page.


Meritage has received numerous awards and recognition for clinical quality, pay for performance, and health technology (full details on our awards page) from prestigious organizations including the California Association of Physician Groups, the Integrated Healthcare Association (IHI), the Department of Managed Healthcare, and others.

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