April 9, 2020

Meritage Medical Network will continue to operate during the COVID19 pandemic and support our patients and physicians. All usual functions are up and running.
Most physician offices remain open and many offer Telemedicine appointments. You can call your physician directly to learn more.


We are a healthcare network representing your local physicians in Marin, Napa and Sonoma.

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What is
Meritage Medical Network

Physician-Led | 700+ Physicians | Nearly 40 year in the community | 8+ Hospitals | 7 HMO Plans

When you ask people who they want to be making decisions about their healthcare, most will answer: Doctors.

At Meritage, doctors are the ones making the decisions about your healthcare. Meritage is a network of over 700 local physicians providing care for patients in Marin, Sonoma, and Napa Counties.

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