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Because I CARE.

Welcome to the Meritage Medical Network Life Planning Campaign! Because we care.

On this page you will find resources and information about advanced care planning. You’ll find sample advance directive forms that you can download and complete on your own, answers to many of your advance directive questions, and information on any advanced directive events that are coming up. You’ll also have the opportunity to join our Pledge Wall to show you care.

Download ‘Choosing A Healthcare Agent’ PDF here.
Download ‘Advanced Health Care Directives FAQ’s for Consumers’ here.

Where to find Advance Care Planning information and forms online

ACP Decisions

Coalition for Compassionate Care of California

Center for Health Care Decisions

Institute for Healthcare Advancement

National Healthcare Decisions Day

Caring Connections

Sign the pledge wall here.
6 Signatures
  1. Marcy Norenius says:
    "I signed mine... for my husband and daughter"
  2. Renee Norris says:
    "I signed mine... For my Husband & Children"
  3. Andrea Kmetz says:
    "I signed mine... so that my family is spared making painful decisions and so that they can know they are honoring my final wishes."
  4. Paula k Brown says:
    "I signed mine... me"
  5. Bethany says:
    "I signed mine... to rest in peace, and help those left behind."
  6. wtlcphsop says:
    "I signed mine... USA"