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About CORE Physical Therapy

Important Announcement

CORE PT has changed location!

Get info here: New Location and Map

At CORE Physical Therapy, our staff are dedicated to providing excellent physical therapy services in a positive, supportive environment. We treat a diverse range of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions. Our physical therapy professionals recognize that every client is a unique individual. Therefore, we tailor the treatment programs to fit our clients’ individual needs. Learn more about our physical therapy services below.

If you have been referred by your physician to receive physical therapy services, our friendly front desk staff will gladly assist you with scheduling your appointment. For added convenience, we have provided further detail about the services and classes that we offer and other helpful information. If you still have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our phone number, hours, and locations can be found here.

CORE Physical Therapy Services

Our therapists tailor the treatment program to fit our client’s individual needs. Treatment programs may include a combination of the following services:

  • Manual (hands-on) techniques to mobilize joints or improve mobility in soft tissue
  • Therapeutic exercise program for improving strength, range of motion/flexibility, and general conditioning
  • Sport-specific rehabilitation/training programs
  • Balance training/Fall Prevention
  • Client education for posture, body mechanics for injury prevention, understanding the diagnosis, and self-management/prevention techniques
  • Therapeutic modalities including ultrasound, laser/light therapy, electrical stimulation, mechanical traction, and taping techniques
  • Scar mobilization, edema management, or sensory desensitization
  • Neuromuscular Re-Education Techniques
  • Assessment and remediation of activities of daily living impairments
  • Customized home programs

Specialty Physical Therapy Services

Read more about Neurological Rehabilitation, Vestibular Rehabilitation, TMJ Rehabilitation, and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation here.


Important Announcement

CORE PT has changed location!

Please note:

*If your scheduled appointment with CORE PT is on or after Monday August 21, 2017, your appointment will be held at the new location: 1401 Los Gamos Drive, Suite 140 – San Rafael, CA 94903

New Location (beginning on August 21, 2017):

Questions? Please contact the CORE PT Office at 415.479.7100