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About CORE Physical Therapy

CORE Physical Therapy San Rafael

Important Announcement

CORE PT has changed location!

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At CORE Physical Therapy, our staff are dedicated to providing excellent physical therapy services in a positive, supportive environment. We treat a diverse range of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions. Our physical therapy professionals recognize that every client is a unique individual. Therefore, we tailor the treatment programs to fit our clients’ individual needs. Learn more about our physical therapy services below.

If you have been referred by your physician to receive physical therapy services, our friendly front desk staff will gladly assist you with scheduling your appointment. For added convenience, we have provided further detail about the services and classes that we offer and other helpful information. If you still have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our phone number, hours, and locations can be found here.

CORE Physical Therapy Marin

CORE Physical Therapy Services

Our therapists tailor the treatment program to fit our client’s individual needs. Treatment programs may include a combination of the following services:

  • Manual (hands-on) techniques to mobilize joints or improve mobility in soft tissue
  • Therapeutic exercise program for improving strength, range of motion/flexibility, and general conditioning
  • Sport-specific rehabilitation/training programs
  • Balance training/Fall Prevention
  • Client education for posture, body mechanics for injury prevention, understanding the diagnosis, and self-management/prevention techniques
  • Therapeutic modalities including ultrasound, laser/light therapy, electrical stimulation, mechanical traction, and taping techniques
  • Scar mobilization, edema management, or sensory desensitization
  • Neuromuscular Re-Education Techniques
  • Assessment and remediation of activities of daily living impairments
  • Customized home programs

CORE Physical Therapy

Specialty Physical Therapy Services


Description: Functional strengthening class that targets the muscles that comprise the “core”, and how to properly engage them without breath-holding/bearing down (Valsalva). Class is designed with a “fitness class” format set to music, and includes a short warm-up with breathing exercises, static and dynamic exercises emphasizing neutral spine for both floor work and upright positions, and may also incorporate barre work and free-style movment across the floor, followed by a short cool down.

Target audience: Individuals seeking to develop proper breathing and activation patterns of the “core” muscles, including the abdominals. Participants must be ambulatory with ability to get on/off the floor and move across the floor independently, and be free from any musculoskeletal or medical conditions that might be aggravated by, or contraindicated for, light to moderate-intensity cardio, strength, and endurance exercise.

Recommended dress: Comfortable athletic clothing and shoes with non-slip soles.

Equipment: Please bring your own towel and exercise mat for floor work portions of class.

Duration: 50 min

Primary Instructors**: Angela Savelli, DPT, OCS and Nicholas Verville, DPT


Description: High intensity strengthening class designed for athletes and those seeking a more challenging work out for the core musculature. Exercises focus on functional, whole body movements designed to strengthen the core musculature, as well as other large muscle groups used during vigorous physical activity, including sports. Format includes a dynamic warm-up designed to prime the body for the more intense core exercises that follow, complete with a series of stretches at the end.

Target Audience: Athletes and individuals seeking high-intensity work for the core musculature. Participants should be free of any musculoskeletal or medical conditions that might be aggravated by, or contraindicated for this level of strength training.

Recommended Dress: Comfortable athletic clothing and shoes with non-slip soles.

Equipment: Please bring your own towel and exercise mat

Duration: 50 minutes

Primary Instructors**: Angela Savelli, DPT, OCS and Nicholas Verville, DPT

Tai Chi – Qi Gong for Health

Description: Tai Chi and Qi Gong are some of the most widely known exercise forms originating from ancient Chinese medical and martial arts. Tai chi combines slow, gentle flowing movements, body awareness, imagery and attention to breathing. Qi, pronounced “chee”, refers to an energy force that (according to Chinese philosophy), flows through the body.

The Tai Chi – Qi Gong for Health class is based on the Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA) program developed by Dr. Paul Lam, family physician and respected Tai Chi expert. Endorsed by the CDC, National Council on Aging, and Arthritis foundations worldwide, TCA is suitable for all ages and health conditions. The forms include a combination of Yang and Sun style Tai Chi, containing unique Qi Gong and agile stepping, to cultivate relaxation, stress relief, improve physical function, and build the immune system.

Target audience: Tai Chi is a gentle exercise format that is suitable for older adults, individuals with chronic diseases, and cancer survivors. The Tai Chi for Health class is an excellent class for the beginner who has no experience with Tai Chi, or those who would like to learn a short form that is easy to practice daily.

Recommended dress: Comfortable clothing; shoes with non-slip soles

Duration: 50 min

Instructor: Leela Satyendra, PT, DPT, Body Work Practitioner, Board Certified Practitioner in Tai Chi for Rehabilitation and Tai Chi for Arthritis


Description: Exercises in this stretch class are designed to lengthen the muscles and promote/enhance joint range of motion. Good joint range of motion is crucial for optimal muscle length/tension relationships. A restricted joint limits the muscle’s ability to lengthen and contract, ultimately reducing its ability to function effectively. Format includes warm-up and diaphragmatic breathing for relaxation, as well as static and dynamic stretches during floor and barre work.

Target audience: Individuals seeking to learn diaphragmatic breathing for relaxation and and enhance joint range of motion and muscle flexibility. Participants must be ambulatory with ability to get on/off the floor and move across the floor independently, and be free from any musculoskeletal or medical conditions that might be aggravated by, or contraindicated for, light intensity movement, or whose postinjury/post-surgery protocols specifically limit range of motion.

Recommended dress: Comfortable athletic clothing with bare feet or shoes with non-slip soles

Equipment: Please bring your own towel and exercise mat for floor work portions of class.

Duration: 50 min

Primary Instructor**: Kris Wittman, OT/L, MPT, CEAS

Please Note: Fitness classes, orthopedic massage, personal training, and biomechanical running analyses are not considered skilled physical therapy, and therefore, are not covered by medical insurance. However, some health savings account plans (HSA) do reimburse for the cost of gym memberships and fitness/health/wellness classes and/or services. We recommend checking with your employer’s human resources department for further information about this benefit.

Orthopedic Bodywork/Massage

Description: Orthopedic bodywork, or orthopedic massage, is a manual therapy approach for addressing soft tissue dysfunctions associated with musculoskeletal pain or injury. After a brief assessment, a variety of techniques may be used to reduce tension in muscle, tendons, or fascia, with goal of restoring flexibility and range of motion and improve circulation in the areas of concern. The manual techniques used are individualized and may vary from light/gentle to deep, depending on the injury or medical condition. Orthopedic bodywork can be a useful adjunct for physical therapy and rehabilitation, or to facilitate/enhance a fitness or sports training regimen.


  • Promotes overall relaxation
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Improves soft tissue mobility
  • Reduces pain
  • Performed by a physical therapist with experience treating a wide range of injuries, surgeries, and general medical conditions.

Duration: 50 min

Bodyworker: Kris Wittman, OT/L, MPT, CEAS


Functional Exercise Training (Personal Training)

Description: The functional exercise training program offers individuals the opportunity to train one-onone with a licensed physical therapist who is highly trained and educated in the musculoskeletal system. Functional exercises engage multiple muscles and joints simultaneously, and are designed to simulate the complex movements and planes of motion through which the human body moves. The goal is to train the muscles to work together more efficiently and effectively in order to achieve optimal performance during daily life tasks, work, and sports activities. Clients benefit from a comprehensive program that incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, core stability, postural correction, body mechanics, and injury prevention.

Trainers: Angela Savelli, DPT, OCS and Nicholas Verville, DPT


Biomechanical Running Analysis


Description: The objective of a running performance analysis is to identify any biomechanical faults, limitations, or inefficiencies that may restrict a runner’s ability to perform at their peak level. During the physical examination and subsequent video analysis, the evaluator observes the athlete’s running technique and form in order to identify dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system. Examples of dysfunctions include restrictions in joint range of motion, imbalances in muscles, impairments in motor control, as well as areas of weakness that may be contributing to an inefficient or faulty running pattern. Based upon the overall examination findings, the evaluator will then review and develop a highly customized training program that is designed to help the individual achieve his or her specific running goals


  • 60 minute one-on-one physical examination to assess joint restrictions, strength, and stability specific to the runner
  • 3-view video analysis of running form (side, back, and foot)
  • Evaluation of functional movements (squats, drop jumps, etc)
  • Cadence assessment
  • Recommendation of proper shoe type for running style
  • Customized video of the athlete (with verbal narrative) that includes overall analysis of running technique and areas of specific limitations.
  • Individualized drills/exercises (up to 4) with written and video instructions to improve running technique and address any observed impairments.


  • Improve running technique
  • Reduce injury risk
  • Increase running efficiency
  • Enhance running performance

Target Audience: Any athlete interested in improving their running form and performance

Running Specialists: Angela Savelli, DPT, OCS and Nicholas Verville, DPT


Important Announcement

CORE PT has changed location!

Please note:

*If your scheduled appointment with CORE PT is on or after Monday August 21, 2017, your appointment will be held at the new location: 1401 Los Gamos Drive, Suite 140 – San Rafael, CA 94903

New Location (beginning on August 21, 2017):

Questions? Please contact the CORE PT Office at 415.479.7100