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NorthBay Biz Magazine features Meritage Medical Network’s Board Chairman

Mark Wexman, M.D., takes readers through his 5 Steps to a Healthy Heart: recognizing risk factors and…

healthy foods

Healthy Foods for a Healthy Mental State

Healthy foods can have a big impact on your mental state. Health has a lot to do…

stay in shape exercise

Think You’re Too Busy to Stay in Shape?

We all know it’s difficult to stay in shape, especially with a busy schedule. It can be…

health insurance

What Differentiates Health Insurance Plans & Network Types?

We’ve all heard of HMOs (health maintenance organizations) and many of us have heard of PPOs (preferred…

health coverage

The 4 “D’s” to Consider When Choosing or Changing Your Health Coverage

There are few things more important in life than health coverage. If you are looking to acquire…